About Elcariya

Cert. and capabilities


  • Grade 3 Communications Planning and Monitoring Department
  • Grade 5 of the facilities and equipment of the Department of Planning and Monitoring
  • Grade 5 Energy of the Department of Planning and Monitoring
  • Member of the Association Council between construction companies and construction facilities in Yazd
  • Member of the Association of Computing Yazd
  • The holder of the certificate authority service firms Labour and Social Affairs
  • Certificate of competence of organization management


  • Installation and commissioning of electrical systems and communication projects
  • Supervise the installation and commissioning of electrical signals and communication systems
  • Design and control equipment systems for electrical signals
  • Maintenance systems, electrical signals

About us

ELC Aria is an engineering company operating in the rail transportation industry control systems (signaling – Communications) by a group of experienced managers and industry experts was established in Yazd in 1384.

Associated companies and partners:
ElcAria Company to strengthen and improve the technical and operational know-how with some of the local companies have signed a cooperation agreement. These companies are as follows:

  • Consulting Engineer METRA
  • Consulting Engineers, Structural Designers Pardisan
  • Construction of Yazd Co.
  • Traffic Engineering Sazganafzar
  • Aretha Kava ​​Co Persia
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